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Enjoyed the humor here! Thanks!
Ditto! I agree. It was a Great relief from some tedius reading. Thanks! I loved it and especially the Title!
Haha! I enjoyed this very much. Nice ending - didn't even see it coming.
Needs a little polish here and there, but otherwise, well written. Good job!
Very cute! Pretty tricky--you had me fooled! =) Thanks for the fun.
Really nice read; fun, relaxed, and a cute little 'twist in the tail(!)'. God bless.
It was very cute!! Nice and light and very real!
Very cute! I love a good pun, and this was adorable.
Cute and fun read! I could just see those little boys! LOL! Fooled me! :o)
I wondered how one grape could cause that much trouble! A great and fun read!
Would have liked it a little longer and maybe a name for the friend, but this was very cute. Great idea!
A pure delight!! LOL
Great POV! This was fun. Great job!
Blessings, Lynda
A fun read. Liked the twist at the end. Thanks for making me smile. Yeggy
Good job! I thought we had a case of two juvenile delinquents, and you were thinking squirrels! ROFL! They can be bandits at the bird feeders, but I didn't know they ate grapes(?)
I guess I should have wondered when you had one of them clamber up the side of the garage.
A couple of technicals: "I looked quickly, 'I think so.'" is not quite right. "I looked quickly" is an action and should not have a comma leading to what was said. Much better to supply a period after 'quickly' and then insert 'I told him' or 'I said' or 'answered' either before or after the quotation. "a couple tomatoes" should have 'of' between 'couple' and 'tomatoes'. One typo: "hide behind the big tree", and I know you meant "hid behind".
I will look at the squirrels that frequent our feeders with a little more appreciation for their cleverness from now on! Thanks!
Well, Sandra caught those typos for you, so there's nothing left for me to say except to offer kudos on a very enjoyable story with a surprise ending. What a fun read!