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Intriguing title! Interesting concept, too! As I read, I was thinking about a combination of the old TV shows 'Mission: Impossible' and 'Get Smart'.
I would go through each paragraph and check punctuation.
Interesting commentary: "If that happens the weak believers will turn their backs on God thinking that He caused the devastation and then Satan and his angels can cash in on their vulnerable souls." (Isn't that what has happened with the hurricane season this year, and the tsunami last year?)
"God forbid we burn his people before judgment day without his approval. We will never work this or any other universe ever again and all our powers will be stripped bare. So lets have no mistakes what so ever." Cleverly put!

Very unique approach! Note spelling: Lucifer. Congrats on finding a very creative look at spring.
Well this one took me by surprise! Creative take and enjoyed reading it. God bless.
In the best way possible of course!