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I love the rise of this! The rhyme and meter is awesome. Well done!
I love the title, and I love the flow, and I love the thoughts...Beautifully done...I love the shorter lines...They help the flow from my eyes...Great entry...Juanita Pittman-Brown
Definitely a 'wow' piece! I really enjoyed this. Well done.
Going through the seasons in your peice was an adventure, and also finding renewed hope in the end. Very nice! God bless ya, littlelight
Wow, this is really talentedly done. I wasn't expecting the twist at all. Good job!
Very well written and expressed. Enjoyed the imagery and the emotion that flowed through this peice.It is awesome how He restores us in the midst of our troubles and tragedies.
Well done, Oh Great Lumpy one.. (clap clap clap) Well done..
Well done, very powerful piece.
Well deserved Lump, well deserved.
Left me with a smile on my face :) and a tear hanging in my eye.
The only thing that gets my goat is your refusal to use capital letters! But it is your style, I suppose and it didn't take away from this at all...
Sir Lump, you've delighted us all with this unusual and striking poem! I really admire the way you made the tragedy as unexpected and jarring to your reader as such a thing is in real life. Hats off to you!
Ha! And you wanted to pull out. Excellent job, Chris!