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I like this version of a winter birth. Very funny and entertaining. I enjoyed reading it!
Truly entertaining, you must have worked hard. Thanks for sharing this, your first memory, with us - as well as the reminder of Who truly made us.

Thanks, and God bless,

A very entertaining read. God bless.
Very fun read, with a deeper truth too. Good job!
This was great! I really enjoy your sensibility when it comes to describing events. This reminds me of a line from one of my favorite comics Steven Wright: He said his 1st entry in his diary was : Day 1 - Still tired from the move. I look forward to reading more. Did you enter Vines and Spring?
Lots of fun to read. Love the voice of your character and the instant bonding with the grandfather! Well done.
HA HA!!!

I loved all the references to your birth. I love the quiet dignity of the references to your father's role in all of this. Of course all this occurred back in more "Genteel" times when the "Manly" duties were clearly defined. In short, the man would pace the floor and smoke cigarettes, while the woman would get the "easy" job of punching out what amounted to a bowling ball through a garden hose.

I liked your take on the baby's point of view, as well your views now that you have become an adult.

As far as the little freckled faced youngster is concerned, I say, let him figure it out for himself. Give him a cookie and tell him to go play in the sandbox where he belongs.

Take a tip that I heard from a friend of mine. When faced with a difficult question from her child she always told him that she would tell him the answer on "Tuesday". This ALWAYS seemed to work.

And ya know what???

I'm outta here too.
Marilyn, I hate to be the one to tell you but no animal, stork or otherwise, had anything to do with your arrival. You were a little vegetable seed planted under a protective, warm and nurturing cabbage leaf. How do I know? Because I was under the cabbage leaf next to yours in upstate New York!
I heard you trying to poke holes in the leaf so you could see our and even crawl out! And talk about noise! For those of us still trying to sleep, you not only marched to a different beat but to an entirely different band! So, mon petite chou (my little cabbage head), (singing) "when your life is through, and the angels ask you to recall ...the thrill of them all...just tell them ....ummm... you remember those sweet months under the cabbage leaf. **grin**
This was a fun read. A good example of our silly ways. Thanks.