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Awesome message, very pertinant for today. Keep it up!
This piece holds a tremendously good message for teens and for adults alike!

The grammar issues were a distraction, but if you could find someone to look over the story who is strong in that area, it would fix it right up!!!

LOVE the alliteration in the title, and your story was right on topic.
The title was catchy and you used dialogue really well to project your thoughts. You sound like someone who's been out there in the harvest.
It seemed like there were two stories you were telling here. I wonder if you could have just focussed much more on the discussion with the troubled youths - not that his early boyhood was unimportant. Just that with a word limited short story, it seems to me more effective to capture the most relevant bits, making the hard decision to cut out the parts that might distract from the main message.
Good story but your main character's name kept changing from Stewart to Steward and back again. It didn't take away from the effect of the story, but one has to be consistent with a name.