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You have some good food for thought in this piece. I especially liked how you described a "leader" this way:

"When you are a leader, you will foster the principle of self worth and significant contribution of the work of your subordinates. You will be seen as one who inspires."

I can see the point you are trying to make about "bosses", but there really is nothing that defines a boss that way. You can have a boss that is an outstanding leader. I think your specific use of the word "boss" threw me for a while. But I do see what you are trying to say. Nice entry.
I think where this "boss" idea is used in a generic sense, i wonder if the idea would have read better if you had showed the difference between good and bad bosses. I think that is almost what happened as you changed it to the word leader. Meaning a boss can be a "boss" in the bad sense or a boss in the leader sense (good). But despite that confusing part, I think you are absolutely right in the over all idea. The leaders of companies and organizations often forget the principles of leadership
I like the way to demonstrated the difference between leadership or tyrany and/ot bossiness. I've never thought of Jesus as "the Boss" but I do know He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Leader of leaders. Good article.