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Oh wow! This is fantastic! I hope it places - it should as far as I'm concerned! I LOVED this gem! :)
Yes! Marvelous gospel! Nice work! I'd make this into a gospel track and put it in every pawn shop I could find.

Touching, heartfelt and His Spirit shines through!
This is beautiful! Congratulations on a well-written and inspired story. Thank you for touching my heart today.
This reads as if it came from a place way down deep. It feels authentic, raw, and real. I loved it.
This is beautiful. And a fresh, new way to proclaim the gospel. Very touching.
I almost have no words. Just know it's priceless; just like the cross. Jo :)
Amazing! You will not be in intermediate for long! This is an astoundingly beautiful and moving piece. WOW!
I think this is one of the best things I've read in a long time - well crafted, lovely way to weave in the words of that wonderful hymn!
Ann is right, this is beautiful and inspired. Bless you for this gem of a story.
Such exquisite writing, haunting, beautiful, and right on topic. I love the mood your wordsmithing creates. Makes me want to keep on reading and reading, and reading. A story for my favorites collection!
Perfect title for a perfect piece! I felt I was right there with your main character. I could feel that cross in my hand. So skillfully written! Thank you for this gem, indeed!
Absolutely gorgeous, the way you worked in the words of that lovely hymn. Great job.
Excellent - from the title through the end. I like how you weaved the song through the story.
A great story! You've created such an endearing character and shared a wonderful message. Very nicely done.
Beautifully and skillfully written. It left me with a feeling of wanting to read much more. Wonderful job...I hope it earns the recognition it deserves! Blessings.:)
Beautifully inspired and touching! Definitely one of my favorites this week! :)
I will gladly join the crowd of wonderful comments praising this entry. Excellent story that was told very well. You captured the power of the cross, and how it gives its power to those who are saved. Very, very good job Trina!!! God bless.
Trina, what else is there to say. You have hit the mark. One of my favorites. Simple, yet deep, beautiful and inspiring, Blessings Brenda