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Nicely done. At first glance, others might consider that you had sacrificed yourselves to carry out this ministry. But, just like Jesus promised, He gave back to you a hundred times what He asked you to give up. Inspiring story.
Thank you for telling your story! WOW!
This deserves a reprint. There are a number of Christian parenting magazines who would love to have this article, and possibly a series built around the same. Thank you for sharing this piece with us.
This is not only well-written, but contains a message of strength and encouragement. Good writing and could be published elsewhere, too.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!
Excellent, heart warming, and wonderful. Take Dub's advice and submit this, please.
A delightful and heart warming story of true fulfillment...with other People's Children. Your story makes my life seem "hum drum"...or as you call it, "mediocre". God bless you in your work for others!
A winning story for sure! You have a wonderful up-lifting testimony that I hope will encourage others to trust God as they step out to fulfill His plan for their lives. Awesome job writing this, and a more awesome job living it! Thanks!
Total agreement with all the above comments. Wonderful job.
This is a wonderful story and an amazing inspiration. Thank you for sharing it. What a wonderful legacy you are leaving to these children.

One note: I'm not sure I liked the first paragraph as is. I was not drawn in right away, and this is such an amazing story I think there might be a better place to start. Like maybe something like, "We couldn't have known then that such a brief conversation would change our lives." or "It was Brandy who started it." or any number of sentences, but something that piques the curiousity and draws the reader in a little more. And then go back and cover what your life was like before...

Overall, though, GREAT job.
April, I felt blessed to read your story. I agree with Dub. I also pray that others may learn from your example. I know that I have today.