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Oh dear! I knew where this story was headed because I did the same thing...those Beta's are hard to resist, but they sure wreak havoc on a tank. My poor fish got the same treatment, I'm afraid. I really enjoyed reading this story. If it's based on true events, you had a marvelous dad who was fun to be around.
Cool--I was expecting another story about fishing, but this was very interesting.

I think there might have been too much introductory material--if you started with your trip to the fish store, you could develop the characters a bit more.

What a Dad, going for the gusto. Your descriptions of the fish were right on, I could see them. Keep writing.
Ahh, fish! I couldn't resist this story. We have a ten foot fish tank.

Your Dad sounds like such a go-go-go guy. Thank you for letting us have just a glimpse. Well done.
I, too, was cringing, knowing what a Beta can do to a tank.
This was an entertaining read. Kudos.
What a fun and loving dad. I enjoyed this story a lot. Good writing.
I once was a proud fish tank owner. You described perfectly why I no longer have fish in my tank.
As soon as I read Beta fish, I too cringed. They are beautiful, but deadly creatures, aren't they? I loved the story though. What a great dad!
Great story, a little work on some glitches - perhaps a challenge buddy, and you have a winner for sure. Keep up the good work.
My niece has a Beta fish, and we received the same warning from the pet store when it was purchased.

I liked hearing this story. It sounds like you have a great dad and some great memories.

Thank you for sharing. Keep on writing. :)
Oooh, this was cute! I liked the story of the Beta. My brother had that happen to him-this was very realistic with the details and all. Nice job! ^_^