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I am still laughing! I suspected a cat, but this was so cute and clever I enjoyed the short read. Isn't amazing how we can be like that? We get ourselves stuck and then the next thing we know, wham, we need His help and once it's over we swagger off as if nothing happened, ignoring his wise words. Good job here! I really enjoyed this, it's going to be one of my favorites this week! ^_^
: ) : ) : ) This was so funny and so real. I could just picture (and have seen) our own cat it just those
"embarassing" situations. Wonderful take on this topic!
This story is so special and so precious! I absolutely loved it. You did a fantastic job of capturing the feline psyche. What a hoot! Wonderful writing!
You have the particular personality of a cat down perfectly pat in this charming story! :) I could just see him hanging from the screen door seething with his wounded pride! Great job!
My cat did this several times. He always looked over his shoulder at me as he slunk away; like it was MY fault! Goofball cat. Your entry is delightful. Of all God's critters, the cat seems to be the one with the most pride, and the one who has the most to lose if he fails!
You must have cats :D You have the "average" cat personality SO pegged! This was delightful and fun.
I've never seen a cat blush, but I could definitely "see" this one's embarrassment. Nice job. :)
I dunno--cats are usually too dignified to be embarrassed, aren't they? Just kidding, this was charming and fun to read. I'm a cat lover, and I love the voice here.
This is so funny. Being a cat lover, I would say you captured the "cat personality" perfectly.
This was a fun story. I enjoyed it, and I loved the phrase "curl up in a sunbeam."
Oh, I can just picture the haughty cat. Serves her right to be embarrassed. Such a great job. I enjoyed it!
Congratulations, Pamela! Terrific story!
CONGRATULATIONS, PAMELA on your well-deserved "Highly Commended"!!!!! :D This is a great story! Keep writing, girlfriend!!!!
Way to go, Pamela. This was just too cute not to place!
Great job; and if you're ready, move on up a level
: ) : ) : )