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A very good story. Did he ever win Daisy? I love this because it's true. Very well written. Great title!
What a fun story! The fact that it's based on truth is even better. Your description of Daisy's response was great and I could see his chest puff out! You did a good job tying it all together. Very good!! :-) Hugs!
What a fun story to read! Great dialogue as well!
This is really good. And very well written. The story is unique.
Delightful story, well done. A quick nit pick note. Don't put quote marks around italics. Thanks for sharing this story.
Since you left a comment at my poem, I wanted to make sure to return the smile...
I think this is a great story - and you did a great job of bringing it to life! Keep up the good work!
This captured me from the first and left me begging to know what happened to Harry and Daisy! Nice work.
Fascinating, since I know virtually nothing about Australia! I really enjoyed this.

Most of your sentences that have "had ______ " verb constructions could be simplified to plain ol' past tense. Makes for a smoother read, and saves you precious words.

Thanks for sharing this bit of family history!
Well-written! You established the setting well and I really felt for Harry. Felt a little rushed, but that's understandable. Good solid effort.
I love the fact that this is a true story. The ending was a bit abrupt, but definitely left me wanting more. This was a very entertaining read.
What a neat legend - and great description. Enjoyed this very much.
I love the old legends -- great historical genre story. Nice job.
Ozzie though I be, I hadn't heard of that legend! My horizon broadens every hour. What a great way to learn more of our own history. Well written.
Wonderful! Well written!
Wow. A ghost reef. Very interesting! I liked this legend here and especially the character of Daisy even though she's breifly mentioned. Good job.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***
Ditto congrats on 'highly recommended' recognition! I loved the story. We have a local author, Bonnie Leon, who has a fiction series set in Australia. If you are interested, to check her out. God bless.
So did he marry her? What a beautiful story with a real sense of time and place - well done!
This is excellent and I enjoyed every bit of it. You tell the story very well. I, too, would like to know, did he get the girl? :0)