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I love the storytelling tone of this article and great description of differences in character.Bringing in the common thread of Christ also works well.Tips for improvement would be to purge article of the word 'was'[at least as much as possible]and add in more back and forth dialog to bring characters to life. I love the closing it works great! Great piece!
I've experienced a friendship like this one. It ended, but I'm not sure why. Very good write...enjoyed it.
What a great story of friendship. There must be something 2 people share that bonds them and the thing that bonded you two was God's glue of faith in Christ. You are friends and brothers-in-Christ. The two of you share something his unsaved testosterone friends cannot share. Written well and was a real blessing to read.
It's much more amazing esp to know men having a strong faith in God! Only this can be done by God Himself.
Such a great story of how God was in your friendship. It was so refreshing being from a male's perspective. I really enjoyed it!
David, congratulations on this excellent win. 1st place in the Level 1 Champion Challenge, and 6th place in the Editor's Choice. Both were very well deserved. With such a great result, now it's time to move on up to Level 2. You are definitely ready for it. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
This is an outstanding story. Thanks so much for sharing it so vividly. I was grinning all the way through. I could see you and Steve together perfectly. Delightful!
Excellent story, David, especially with it being told with a male perspective. Nice to know women don't have the market cornered on this type of friendship. Congratulations on your win!
Firstly, CONGRATS on your win David. Secondly, I'm so encouraged to know men can have close friendships. I have always felt kind of sorry for most guys I know because they don't seem to have special, close friendships like we girls do.