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"Made in the Image of God" is a book for those that seek a deeper understanding in knowing who God is, and how we as human beings relate to him physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a metaphysical way, both now and in the future. If you have an interest in the Word of God, possess some basic understanding of the Scriptures, and seek to know more about the God who provides our salvation, then this book is for you. It is my desire to present this discussion to anyone with an interest in having a deeper knowledge of God the creator, and for those that have studied the Scriptures, but may have never pursued a degree in religion, Bible or theology. Ultimately, this discussion is for those who have sought to live their lives in the everyday world with God in mind and who would like a deeper understanding of God through study and contemplation of the God who created all things. To these people, I would like to introduce the God of the Christian Bible, in terms never thought of before, in hopes to ultimately aid our understanding to the concept of who God is, and how we, as his created beings, relate to him physically, emotionally, and spiritually—answering the ultimate questions: how we are alike and different with respect to the God of this universe, as he has designed it to be. As we contemplate these concepts and questions, a biblical discussion will take place between these pages, and hopefully, those who choose to read on will walk away with a sense of understanding and awe of the great God of this universe as you contemplate life and his presence in the world.
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James Cooper moved his family to Walker's Vale, Pennsylvania, in search of the ideal life. What he got was the just opposite. As this small town's eerie history is revealed and repeated, it's clear the devil is in the detailsand he's waiting for the Cooper's young daughter. When the FBI come knocking at his door, James quickly realizes that his ideal life may come with a steeper price than he thought. This story of faith, deception, and horror will captivate readers as one man fights for his family's safety and embarks on a journey toward redemption in this suspenseful supernatural thriller.Written by John J. Zelenski. Click here to get your copy.

"Fire and Water: A Safe Journey Through Multiple Personality Disorder" is a true account of discovery, validation, and healing from sexual and ritual abuse. Anna Thomas writes her therapeutic memoir with deep insight from a Christian perspective about the emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological aspects of coping with multiple personality and the reality of ritual abuse. From reading this book,you will gain: An understanding of the depth of despair, terror, rage, and self-hatred that comes from a childhood of ritual abuse; Realization of the need to face painful feelings in order to discover one's truth and one's past; To know what it is like to live with multiple personality, both before and after one acknowledges one's other personalities; Recognition of the importance of being believed by one's therapist; An appreciation for what a powerful soothing effect a compassionate husband can have, and the toll that this level of abuse takes on loved ones; An awareness of the enormous gift that a prior abuser bestows by validating a victim's abuse; A reverence for the central place of spiritual faith for healing from a childhood of sexual and ritual abuse. Written by Anna Thomas. Click here to get your copy.

"Prayer Journal Workshop" has been designed to encourage you to start and maintain your own prayer journal: a way of praying on paper. The workshop content is a mixture of inspiration, how-to and practical exercises. It is suitable for any age group, from fourteen years upwards. The book is priced at 99c to cover costs. Please also visit my other books in the Faithwriters ebook store. Click here to get a copy of Prayer Journal Workshop.

Does God exist? Is the Bible reliable? Is Jesus God? Windmill Ministries is a Christian apologetics ministry that equips believers and challenges skeptics through the sharing of evidences for the foundations of the Christian faith. 100s of pages of background, facts and evidences.

Have you ever wondered about the causes, effects & consequences of Lies, Secrets & Deception? This book L-S-D, will answer those questions as it explores the Bible. It will challenge & motivate the reader to walk in truth & integrity. Author: Rad Khan. It can be obtained from all online retailers.

BookHave you ever wondered about the causes, effects & consequences of Lies, Secrets & Deception? L-S-D, will answer those questions as it explores the Bible. It will challenge & motivate the reader to walk in truth & integrity. Author: Rad Khan. ISBN # 1-591601-84-3 Available from & all online retailers.

BookMind-Field of Success or Defeat explores the reasons for success or defeat and why the mind is the greatest battlefield on earth. This book will challenge, motivate, & encourage the readers to walk in obedience to God’s Word, to fulfill their purpose & destiny on earth, according to God’s design and not according to the dictates of their minds. Author: Rad Khan. ISBN # 1-597810-22-3. Available from & all online retailers.

Book Challenge your heart in a novel way. Visit today and see why so many are enthralled with The Making of Tibias Ivory: Freedom's Quest, by D. Allen Jenkins.

Book Karen Marie Schalk - New book now in re-print. "Karen Marie's Christmas Journeys" ISBN#1-4134-9003-4 (hardcover) ISBN#1-4010-7702-1 (softcover) Available at: - - Your local book store International orders: [email protected]. To view an online chapter please visit:

Sylvia Huffnagle publishes 4 paperbacks; 3 Insp. Rom. In the Palm of His Hand, The Gift of Love, and Choose Life, and 1 Bible Living Quiz Book.

Struggling Author has three books ready to be published but no money. Willing to split royalties in any reasonable percentage. Please contact through FW private messenger.

Book "Hallowed Be Thy Name - by Terry L. Brown ISBN 1-4208-2054-0 In the Old Testament we are told to not take the name of the Lord in vain. In the New Testament Jesus tells us to hallow His Father's name. By examining ten Biblical characters and their names 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' explains this means much more than many realize.

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You may contact the author at [email protected]

Be inspired by the masterful mix of poems that appear in the maiden production of Miriam Fredericks (Mamre) in LYRICAL HUES (The Colors of Inspiration). From a childhood of rejection she has emerged with God's help to become a writer who is spreading the message of the empowerment of God's love. This book is available on and or from the writer whose email address is [email protected].

BookIf you've ever been to Vacation Bible School in the absence of air conditioning and didn't know any better then you can find something to relate to here. If you've ever owned a good dog, been clueless at a wedding, or remember what an 8 track tape player is you can find something in this book to appreciate. Inside the pages of "An Angel at Sunday School" author Tim White strives to bring it all back to you in this delightful and lighthearted look at young love, and clean country living in the deep south. There's also some insights into the wonderful world of agriculture and a look at other mysteries and myths. ISBN number is 1-5988637-6-2 Can be ordered through or

Book 'Be Not Deceived' is an apt title for this book because of its stern warnings against believing the Satanic lie of antinomianism, which promotes sin among Christians by getting them to believe they need not obey God's law. Gaining victory through refuting Satanic lies also plays a prominent role in gaining victory over sin by Christians who do want to obey God, as Neil Anderson showed in 'The Bondage Breaker.' Both these books show how devastating Satanic lies can be and that clear courageous Scriptural thinking is needed to defeat them and gain victory. (F. W. Schultz, Active Christian Media) Available for purchase at or

Book Victim/Victor: It's Your Choice explores the different responses available to us as Christians and challenges the reader to look to God's Word for healing and practical counsel. For the reader who is still living as a victim, this book will encourage him/her to look to God for the power to overcome the past, receive healing, and go on to minister to others. The reader will also receive guidance for breaking the cycle of generational abuse. For those in ministry, this book can be a useful tool for helping others who are still in bondage to chronic anger, fear, and bitterness. To see other books by B. Kay Coulter and to order: Accepts PayPal.


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