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Looking for empathy while going through a separation or divorce? Healing Through the Storm is a book that will encourage you through scripture, inspire you to journal, and walk with you through this very difficult time in your life. Small groups will also benefit from the discussion questions at the closing of each chapter. Buy now at

Book Redeeming Our Treasures
How do we recover treasures stolen from us in the age of our innocence? Is it even possible to unearth our dignity, confidence, trust and a thousand other valuables that were buried beneath the rubble of abuse? Redeeming Our Treasures is a beautiful journal of a miracle in the making. The subtitle, Finding Joy in the Shadows of an Abuvive Past, hints at the milestones of growth, the progressive understanding, and spiritual insights gained along the way as a survivor of abuse traverses the lonely road to recovery and finds fellowship, freedom and forgiveness in the process. Books available to order at

Book God Will Always Be There For You - This book focuses on becoming more in tune with God’s presence in your daily life. Moment writes about how to strengthen your Christian faith through practical advice, encouraging the reader to delve into personal experiences and use them as a foundation for a stronger bond with God. A powerful, honest reminder of God’s constant presence that’s reassuring and easy to read. Available on , Barnes and and Christian Life site

WHERE IS AMERICA IN THE BIBLE? Many say it can't be found. Are they right? Maybe not! Maybe they are just looking in the wrong place. Read the new Book by Wes Hunt, who has studied & taught Bible Prophecy for 55 years. Then, you decide. Ebook "Will the U.S. Go Up in Nuclear Smoke? $6.95 at Faithwriters Bookstore under Endtimes. LEARN MORE

BookWelcome to Blissville! The purpose of the Blissville Gang is to inspire the lives of children through light-hearted stories that teach valuable life lessons. To learn more about The Blissville Gang and their stories visit Books are available at:

Book Brian Passe captures the growth of Francita Meaux's life and love of God as she worships Him through liturgical dance. Though never receiving formal training to dance, she has claimed an ancient psalm-based form of worship dedicated to God. Her life, once revealed, shows God's hand in her personal and spiritual growth as she transforms a style of dance to worship God as David did. Le Maseran, "The Masters Hands," is anointed by God as a form of worship for all - not just the professionally trained dancer.

Ebooks can be purchased at To contact Le Maseran e-mail [email protected]

"Whispers Of Faith" is a collection of inspirational poetry that is a direct result of God's Grace. My family and I were involved in a car accident that turned our lives upside down never to be the same. These poems/song lyrics were shared with me through God's whispers of faith. It is my prayer, for you the reader that you will experience the same hope, encouragement, inspiration and love that I still feel to this day. Even though I suffered a life changing injury, even when doors were loudly shut, God in His grace and love opened many colorful windows that I never knew existed.My book is available at: Cost is $15.00. Color photographs throughout. Can be used as a quiet time companion during devotions or by its self. .

Book Experience S.Carol Crovo’s new novel More Than Good-bye...Jane Bell wakes up in an unfamiliar train station only to discover that she has died. Given the chance to live her life again unchanged Jane, with the help of her guider, relives her life from age ten to age fifty-six. What infinite value does a second meeting hold when it is More Than Good-bye... ‘Ms. Crovo’s characters came to “life” and urged us to take flight with them on this journey of all’~ Michael B. Trollo, pastor

Available at,,, &

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