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       Brenda Klutz Blakely


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Brenda's career began as she and her husband, Joel, raised the five children God placed in their care. During that time she ran several successful small businesses, was active in civic and education endeavors and earned her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a dual major in Christian Ministries and Psychology. When the last child entered college in 1995, she and her husband sat in classes together and were privledged to walk across the stage together to receive Masterís of Education Degrees at Columbia International University, Columbia, SC. After closing out projects initiated during graduate studies, they set out on the road back home working on projects in Alabama and finally on to Mississippi. The last 16 years have been spent as an educator (adjunct professor), writer, project and program developer and administrator with a substantial history of successful projects across the South. The latest daunting task has been the publication of The 11:45 Call. Joel and Brenda co-authored this book as a culmination of Godís tuning them to work together for the fifty + years of their marriage. Brenda says, "I do not know all the answers, many times I do not even know the question. But I do know who holds the answers and who holds my tommorrow." If anyone is impressed with anything about this work be most impressed by what God can do with two donkeys.

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Co Author The 11:45 Call, went live on July 5, 2012. Available in softcover, hardcover and ebook from Westbow Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Faithwriters and IndieBound. Today we are issuing a summons asking readers to consider, How are you going to answer the call?

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