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Donna Martelli is a trained ballerina and a former dancer with the renowned Harkness Ballet of New York. She currently teaches ballet, all levels, all ages, interpretive dance Praise dance as well as various types of fitness. Let her encourage you to Drop it and get on with the purpose of your life. Discover what this really means!!
Donna Martelli was determined to be a dancer, a good one at that, by the sweet age of 10. Her study of classical ballet began with one class a week, and by her mid-teens, had progressed to 6 days a week. During her senior year in high school she danced leading many leading roles in major ballets, including Swan Lake, Ondine, and many original works. What happened next was amazing in the way it transpired. She was selected, as one of 8 girls from over 250 candidates to be a trainee in the Harkness Ballet. Anyone who knows ballet will recognize the names of her teachers: Donald Sadlier, George Skibine, Marjorie Tallchief, Vera Volkova, Leon Fokine, Alvin Ailey, Patricia Wilde, and Stewart Hodes, to name a few. Besides classes in ballet and modern dance, she studied Music Theory, Labanotation, Character Dance, Choreography, Anatomy and many other related subjects. Seven months into the trainee program, she was asked to join The Harkness Ballet, with whom she toured Europe and North Africa, dancing various parts in many ballets utilizing the techniques of ballet, modern and jazz dance. Years later she met Jesus and laid dance down, only to have Him bring it back to her in a new and sanctified way. Now, Donna loves teaching those who desire to dance for the Lord. She is also passionate regarding teaching the healing aspects of dance. Additionally she is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Pilates Instructor, as well as being on staff at LivRite Fitness, Indianapolis, IN. She offers Barre classes. personal training sessions, resistance and strength training lessons, classes in Ballet Fit, Pilates and many other forms of fitness training to any age, regardless of past experience.
She offers quality DVDs as well as a Certification in Christian Dance Course. Donna has been called to write about her experiences with dance and fitness and how Jesus is Lord of it all! She also writes on other subjects that the Lord shows her. For more information, see

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When God Says, "Drop It"… is the author’s firsthand account of her healing journey, including obstacles faced, apparent defeats encountered and, necessary changes in ways of thinking relating to her illness. From the depths of depression and debilitating fatigue, allergy symptoms and dizziness, she surfaced with new insight and spiritual strength. For sufferers of any disease, this book offers hope!


 Donna Martelli  Work phone: 317-514-3689
 5757 N Tacoma Ave  
 INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 46220  Contact: [email protected]
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