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       Monty Wheeler


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On a journey with faith held tight for times God's faith is all I might have to hold but He's enough.

God has blessed by what seemed tragedy to have opportunity to build a full time writing career. To not walk through that door He has opened would be a sin. I look to learn much of various writing styles as I have focused on verse for much of my writing life.

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To Walk Beyond the Dark

I have been blessed to be allowed to write an inspirational, a verse in the weekly church bulletin

  • Published debut collection, The Many Shades of Dark, of formal and dark verse along the road to my salvation in 2013.

  • Published second collection of verse in 2014 following my commitment to God and church. "To Walk Beyond the Dark" is formal verse rooted in scripture

  • Just learned I've been one of many to be nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize awards. but to even be able to say "2015 Pushcart Prize Nominee" means the world to me. I count it as Grace of our God

 Monty Wheeler  

biography · favorite links · news · accomplishments · contact me


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