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A child of God first and above all else. My hope is to share my love for the Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven. And to be the best husband I could possible be to my wife of 50 years.
This bio is taken from my book and is written in the third person:Phillip Cimei is an award-winning author. His wit and creativity, coupled with his passion for his Christian faith, are the spices that flavor his work. Cimei is FaithWriters 2017 Page Turner winner for non-fiction and the overall runner-up. He is a regular writer at FaithWriters with a membership of over 71,000, they are the #1 site for Christian writers. He has over sixty published short stories, over half are award winners. Many of these stories are used to drive home scriptural points. They also reflect his diverse experiences throughout his search for the perfect religion.
His resumé of experiences includes being fifty years married to whom he refers to as his guardian angel, seven children, thirty-seven years an ordained evangelist, a retired principal, and twenty-three job experiences ranging from grocery store sacker to pest control serviceman to child welfare specialist III. His potpourri of experiences helps create a down-to-earth atmosphere for the reader. Everyone from the poorest to the richest and from a sinner to a saint can relate to his captivating strokes of the pen. Every stop along his trek, a new piece to the puzzle. Every adventure, closer to the treasure.
From living at Rattlesnake Crossing to visiting a religious community in the foothills of Pennsylvania, Cimei has pulled up his tent over fifty times in search of the perfect relationship with his Lord. He uses that gypsy life experience to keep his readers searching the Scriptures for the answer to the question, “What is the perfect religion, the perfect relationship with God?”.

The Perfect Religion, A Beacon to the True Kingdom of God
You tube video of my book

Short Story
She Had A Moose


 Phillip Cimei  Work phone: 1-808-333-0715
 P.o. box 6667 Hilo Hawaii 96720  
 Hilo, Hawaii, 96720  Contact: [email protected]
biography · favorite links · articles · accomplishments · contact me

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