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       Mark Huebner


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For many years, both Mark and his wife Donna have been very active with the youth group and students at North Love Baptist Church and Christian School in Rockford, Illinois. Their desire is to please the Lord with their life and raise their children to serve Him.

Mark is currently a Marketing & Market Development Manager for an automation manufacturer by day. This brings the opportunity to travel from time to time to places where he has been able to connect with in-region missionaries. This connection has fueled the desire to challenge young Christians to embrace the adventure of serving the Lord ... wherever He may lead.

He is also currently teaching a College & Career Sunday School class and has worked with young people, both teens and young adults, for over 20 years. Having positions ranging from Junior Church programs to Youth Pastor, from school teacher to Athletic Director, and from summer camp to youth activities, his desire has consistently been to see young people excel in their day to day Christian life and enter adulthood choosing to serve God.

Thankful for children that have grown with the same desire to please the Lord, Mark & Donna are almost at the "empty nest" stage of life. Brandon and his wife Emma are in Virginia where "B" is currently in law school at Regent Universiy. Blake is a senior missions major at West Coast Baptist College where Brianna is just getting started as a Freshman.

Change in the Wind
Ultimate Power
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  • Sample of industrial work:

  • Sample of industrial work:

 Mark Huebner  

biography · favorite links · accomplishments · contact me


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