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Laurie Kiel‘s ministry was created to touch the hearts of... dreamers everywhere, people who've given up their dreams, those who never dared to dream in the first place.
Laurie has been writing stories since she was a ten year old Iowa schoolgirl.

For over 30 years, Laurie has written and performed original Biblical monologues at churches, special events and small groups in the Midwest and Southwest. Born in Rapid City, SD to a Presbyterian minister and landscape artist, she has a special love for the Black Hills of South Dakota and interest in its history; bringing about a series of westerns, the Deadwood Dreamers Saga

For eight years, Laurie wrote a feature called “Biblical portraits“ for a magazine produced by Casas church, a southern Arizona church of 10,000 members. She has a degree in Elementary Education and Masters in Adult Education.

Besides this Western series, Laurie has written over 30 monologues.. and 35 Biblical portraits. In her spare time, Laurie likes to read, make handmade greeting cards and “pun”ish her friends and family with groaningly bad jokes. She is the dedicated mother of two adorable shih tzus Smokey and Bandit and lives with her sister, Diane, in southern Arizona.

Women Speakers

Short Story
Blessed Is She, a dramatic monologue

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Hail Mighty Warrior

 Laurie Kiel  
 2580 W Camino del Grijalva  
 Tucson, AZ, 85742  Contact: [email protected]
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