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I love Jesus. I am an avid reader and student of God's word.

I wear many titles: daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and others by those I love. My favorite title of all is, "Daughter of the King."

When my husband was seven he told his mother he was going to marry me. He did. We have been married 44 years.

We have seven children: five daughters and one son. The addition of five son-in-laws and one daughter-in-law in time, has given us 26 grandchildren. By choice in our early sixties we added a 17 year old daughter to our family.

We are so grateful that God gave us the pattern of family and have been blessed by ours.

I love to watch growing things. My favorites are children growing in stature and favor with God and man, and people who are maturing in their faith walk with Christ.
The rest of the story: When we were in our early 40's my husband came to me and said he thought we would move to the Mexican border and work as missionaries in Mexico. We did. That was 20 years ago, June 2017.

I like to affectionately call that his, "mid-life crisis." We worked in the state of Coahuila along the north border and the Rio Grande. Planting churches, teaching and training people to love Jesus and grow up in service for Him.

Recently, my husband and I served as house parents at a Children's Home. Over the course of our time there we had 13 girls varying in age from 12 to 18. The challenges and blessings of living with these beautiful girls are indescribable.

Our prayer was and always is that they might find Jesus to be their Lord and Savior and walk with Him now and in the coming years of life.

I recently completed educational training as a Christian Life Coach. My desire with that ministry is to help women, at any season of life, struggling with areas of their life.

Women that feel they are stuck but want to move forward in their own Christian development or in relationship with others.

Finding Faithwriters was a blessing for me. As I explored the site I saw so many opportunities for someone inexperienced in writing to hone their writing skills.

The encouragement and critique given by writing peers and experts will guide many of us in being able to use the power of words most aptly when applying God's truth in our writings.

Feel free to comment or make suggestions. A critique of my articles and writings would be most welcomed.

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Recently I engaged in Trauma Group Training with the International Trauma Healing Institute.

I will be working in a group setting to help women process and seek healing for trauma that has affected their ability to live healthy.

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