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       Chrystlyn Edwards


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I am thankful God has given me the gift of writing for Him.

My name is Chrystlyn Edwards.
I have written off and on throughout my life. As I have gone through difficult times, He has always led me to have the creative outlet of writing to Him. This hobby has grown into a passion. Now, I am blessed to say He has given me opportuniy to share my gift with others by continuing to allow me to write from my heart for Him. I believe writing for Him is an honor. One day, I would love for my passion to become a career, but I am content in this small beginning. In the meantime, I will continue to work at the job He has given me, and trust that in His Time, He will honor this desire in my heart.

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 Chrystlyn Edwards  Work phone: 214-909-8849
 11600 Audelia Rd. Apt. 214  
 Dallas, TX, 75243  Contact:

biography · articles · contact me


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