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E. Dian Moore is a Christian Freelance Writer, Editor and Photographer living in the northern panhandle of West Virginia with her husband and three dogs. She can be found most days in front of the computer or with a book in her hands. Her business, Hands for Hope, is based on the pledge that “Together we can reach the stars” and she promises her clients to present them to the world at their very best through creative writing and presentation.

I am Elizabeth Dian Moore, answer to Dian,(pronounced Diane) and my friends call me Di. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Dave, who called me up after 15 years.

I love to read and write, but haven’t published my novel yet. I began writing in high school, many eons ago, where I fell in love with the creative process and lived for writing assignments, much to the dismay of classmates.

I also adore animals, and have three dogs, none pure-bred, but very close to my heart. If I had all the money I needed, I would live on a large ranch with horses, pigs, cats, goats and swans.

I have been a secretary, paralegal, bank manager, internal auditor, accountant, home-sales consultant, sexual assault victim’s advocate, cheerleading coach, photographer, web designer, publicist and a school secretary. I keep moving forward to fulfill my creative side, which has proven to be my best quality.

I dream of writing best-selling serial novels and creative non-fiction, as well as publish short articles and how-to articles in popular Magazines.

I'm now the Editor-in-Chief for Sisters in the Lord Magazine.


 Dian Moore  
 Moundsville, West Virginia  Contact: [email protected]
biography · news · accomplishments · contact me

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