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I began to write January of 1969 shortly after the death of my father. My first writing was a country song titled, “You Don’t Miss Someone until They’re Gone." I did not realize at that time that I was pregnant with something far greater to write about… insight into God's Written Word!
I was a native of Kansas until 2017 when I relocated to Missouri with my husband to live. My favorite book is the Holy Bible and favorite pastime is taking pictures of the beauties of God, as I share the gospel of Jesus Christ, praying for people, and writing for the glory of God!

I am not only a daughter, wife, mother of a daughter and son, along with seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter; I am also a published writer with Westbow Press and an ordained minister.

I consider myself as a bible scholar since I have studied and read the bible in depth since February of 1974. My writings consist of topical, bible teaching, church programs, disciple training, instructions and prophetic prayers, lyrics,dreams and visons that I have experience of over forty four years in my life.

Recently I designed a card collection to share the gospel of Christ on the streets, restaurants, etc.

My recent accomplishments include, “The Last Will and Testament of the Believer and Follower of Christ Jesus, “The Salt Covenant” “The Martial Covenant.”

I am working on two books at this time titled, “The Art of Worship, and The Message of Love."


 Patti Hatch  Work phone: 913-905-9343
 P.O. Box 743  Fax 913-904-9000
 Warsaw, MO, 65355  Contact: [email protected]
biography · news · accomplishments · contact me

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