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Iím a missionary serving in the Philippines planting new churches in the remote areas where there is no other church. These churches learn to love God and each other. (Luke 10:27) To date we have established 23 churches. Thank you Lord!
I fell from the ministry. Thirteen years later, I began an incredible journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. God has not only forgiven me, but restored me to an extraordinary life with Him. My life and ministry are of miraculous grace!

River Rock Church Philippines
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River Rock Church Philippines - FaceBook

The Enemy Is Roaring, The Lord Is Blessing!

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The Worst of Sinners ~ The Best of Grace and Mercy

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Experiencing Poverty


 Steven Ray Bragg  Work phone: 3608859000
 Patnongon, Philippines, 98607  Contact: [email protected]
biography · favorite links · articles · accomplishments · contact me

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