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       Karen L. Burkett


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My name is Karen Burkett.

I am an editor and head up a team of Christian professionals. Please visit my site, Christian Editing Services, to learn more about what we do. Our services include critiquing, editing, proofreading, grant writing, page design, cover design, e-book publishing, marketing, book trailers and more.

We have two blogs for writers: Monday Motivation and This and That. Please check them out.

More About Me

Developing, creating, organizing ... that's me. I am an idea person who loves going into a situation and making it better. Or starting from scratch to develop something new. I thrive on new challenges and hard work.

I am a published writer with twenty years' experience including trade magazine articles and various Christian writing and editing projects—books, articles, syllabi, study guides, website features, daily devotionals, brochures, radio messages, video scripts, television spots, grants and more.

Wife, mother, grandmother, writer, editor, Bible teacher, ministry director, retailer, pastoral assistant, motel operator, campaign worker, library assistant ... These and many more words have described me at times throughout my life. The description serving as an umbrella over all that, however, is "follower of Jesus Christ."

Through the years and many learning experiences—both failures and victories—I have come to the realization that the one real focus of my life must be to accomplish the purpose of the journey God has for me. Only God knows that complete purpose—my job is to trust him day by day to help me stay on his path.

Professional Profile

Currently: Freelance writer/editor. Learn more at

Turning Point Ministries (aka Living Free). Wrote daily devotionals, radio scripts, grants, ministry reports, ministry letters, curriculum. Also did editing and proofreading.

Freelance. Wrote multiple magazine feature articles on assignment for CBA Marketplace, Museums and More, Party&Paper. Five articles published in Evangel. Ghostwriter, collaborating on four books self-published by client.

Staff writer/developer for Don Clowers Ministries. Wrote study guides, magazine articles, scripts, copy for television product spots, direct mail letters, brochure copy, newsletter articles, daily devotions. Coordinated projects with self-publishing companies. Final editing and proofreading.

In the years prior to this, I owned and operated three retail businesses and was involved in motel management. In the 80s, while working at The Church of Today in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I
wrote ministry descriptions for over fifty volunteer positions, designed a motive gift evaluation, wrote ministry plans and initiated the programs.

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Christian Editing Services brings you a variety of self-publishing services by a team of Christian professionals. Critiquing, proofreading, editing, book formatting, cover design, authors' websites. Please visit us at Christian Editing Services to learn more about our services.

 Karen L. Burkett  
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biography · favorite links · news · contact me


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