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       Jennifer Liang


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I am wife to Stephen, and mom to Abigail (5 years old) and Keoni (3 years old). We currently live in New Haven, CT while my husband pursues a post-doc at Yale University School of Medicine.

I am working on my first novel "Melodious Rain" and having fun with the Weekly Challenges. I like to write stories embellishing on experiences I (or others) had while I was teaching English in China. My dream is to be a professional author someday.

  • Within one 10 week period for Faithwriters Weekly Challenge made it from Beginner to Intermediate.

  • A testimony I wrote was included in the Faithwriters Trials and Triumphs II book.

 Jennifer Liang  Work phone: 808-388-3268
 New Haven, CT, 06511  

biography · accomplishments · contact me


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