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       Christine Ramey


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Christine enjoys sharing her faith as it is weaved into her writings. She writes devotionals, inspirational romance novels, and some poetry. To follow all of her endeavors you may go to her website listed below.

Christine has been published in both online websites as well as in magazines and books. Her writing began by being first published in an anthology entitled "A NEW SONG: Glimpses of the Grace Journey." Then, she was featured in Woman's World Magazine in the April 23, 2012 issues in the guardian angels section with her story "Out of Gas." She was also published in the "Just Labs" Magazine in the March/April issues of 2012. She wrote a tribute piece about her guard dog Weizy.

Christine is also the owner and operator of devotional website. She is always looking for new writers. Please see the guidelines page for more details. They have published their first devotional anthology entitled "The Journey Home: Romans 15:24" which will be published in November 2012.

She is also a book reviewer as well. When Christine is not busy writing or operating her blogs she enjoys her time at home with family and pets.

Christine M. Miller-Ramey
Knitted Together By God
Inspired Novels

 Christine Ramey  Work phone: 9047384851
 600 Holly Ridge Lane  
 Hilliard, Florida, 32046  Contact:

biography · favorite links · contact me


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