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Kathleen Trissel felt a strong call into missions in 1999 while reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, The Cost of Discipleship. She describes it as a conviction to forsake all to follow Christ. The intensity of the call grew, until in 2000, she quit her job, sold her home, and went to seminary for a semester. Missionary trips to Kosovo and Taiwan, however, revealed that God’s call for her was not overseas. God’s call to Kathleen was to be a literary missionary.
Kathleen holds a B.A. in English and Psychology and an M.A. in Counseling and Human Development. She is a member of First Friends Church in Canton OH.

Kathleen worked as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Social Worker, with a total of 12 years of experience.

• Group and individual counseling with domestic violence victims
• Crisis intervention with the psychiatric population
• Alcohol and drug addiction counseling
• Counseling with victims of rape and sexual assault
• Crisis intervention training with law enforcement personnel
• Diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders
• Counseled those struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental and emotional disorders

Kathleen is a volunteer with Daughters of Destiny, which is a ministry that reaches into women's prisons throughout the U.S. She is a national speaker, and has served as Editor for the Daughters Journal.

Kathleen has led a Worship Guitar Life Group at her church, in which people who want to learn how to play guitar or improve their skills may do so in a group learning environment. Emphasis is placed on developing a heart after God's own heart in worship. She also leads worship at a home Bible study.

In 2000 she went on a “look and see” mission trip to Taiwan, and was based at the Counseling Center for Development and Growth in Taichung city. She facilitated in-service meetings and served as a consultant for the counseling staff. Kathleen also conducted a Bible study, assisted in teaching English classes to survivors of the earthquake, served as a ministry consultant to the missionary serving AIDS patients in Taipei city, and provided informal counseling to English speaking clients. In addition, she assisted with the children’s program at the missionary camp.

In 1999 she went on a short term mission trip to Kosovo, where she participated in the NGO Christian Humanitarian Relief Organization meetings, and prepared a paper on how to help trauma victims, as well as how to help relief workers. She visited children who were land mine victims at the capital city Pristine Hospital. Kathleen was also part of a street evangelism team, and ministered in song to crowds that gathered on the street.

Kathleen participated on the Praise and Worship team at her previous church with vocals, and occasionally playing guitar.

To write God’s answer of hope, encouragement, salvation, love, gentleness, compassion, mercy, and grace as a literary missionary.

To reach those who do not know Christ with the gospel, and encourage growth in a love relationship with Jesus.

To build up the body of Christ through encouragement, challenge, and walking as a fellow traveler.

I desire, above all, to be real and transparent in my writing. People connect with a genuine heart, which means being honest about the struggles, pain, and suffering of this life. I am convinced of the Lord’s word in Psalm 51:6, where God desires truth in the inner parts, even if it means standing bare before the Lord in raw honesty and trust.

God has given me many inroads of ministry which include: the professional community, being brought out of a lesbian lifestyle by God's grace and truth, living victoriously in spite of a life long battle with mental illness, and deliverance from addiction.

The chaplain at one of the prisons recognized a gift of preaching in me and said, "You're a preacher. Don't miss it."

I am also available to preach God's glorious word as a guest speaker.


 Kathleen A. Trissel  Work phone: 330-452-2997
 1732 Market Ave N  
 Canton, OH, 44714  Contact: [email protected]
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