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Phyllis is an ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God. She has been the joyful wife of her best friend Daniel for 30 years and became a stay at home mom 27 years ago after retiring from a management position. She has home schooled their three children, Emily (27), Rebekah (26), and Eric (23), for the past 19 years and is now working on “Home College”. She has published several books, including her favorite, Purposeful Planning.

Purposeful Planning
Dan's Doodles
Thoughts on Being Left Behind

Inside This Tattered Tent

Short Story
Lord, let me never, never outlive my love to Thee

Other Article
Are You Experiencing a Waiting Time?

 Phyllis Sather  Work phone: 320-356-1114
 16915 Schuman Lake Rd  
 Avon, MN US, 56310  Contact: [email protected]
favorite links · articles · contact me

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