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In my quest for self - expression, I was guided initially by the Spirit to write informally - based on my pains and aspirations. Since I have a history of uttering jargon of an inept buffoon, it was a God - send to pour my faith and yearnings on paper. Exceedingly more my verbal skills have improved dramatically, as if a light bulb illuminated my inner being to be understood by my family and peers. I thank God for these attributes of which blossomed late in my seasoned years. If not for this 'miracle' I would have stumbled into life's journey - transpiring into an unbearable drudge.

Although the bulk of my writ delve into my Christian viewpoint I'm equally adept to touch on life's issues, especially with spiritual emphasis. I'm also able to touch base with humorous issues. Even to capture a grimace reversed into a smile is personally satisfying.

On a more sober side, I am blessed with a family of whom will always be true jewels in my crown. Invariably I am indebted to my household, in my many nights of poetic 'brainstorming' of which hampered me, in lieu of my domestic duties.
In life as well as in poetry, as that well known theory contends, (we all have our relatives) - don't we ? Mutually when two or more people view an object from the same vantage point, they will perceive that object nonidentical.

Translating this viewpoint unto poetry, I therefore contend that each individual has a contribution to share.
In the same way I believe, a well placed smile, a brotherly hug or offering a warm hand to a faltering man has its virtue.

GOD BLESS! - and may you too fulfill your poetic journey.-Arnost

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In a world reeling in the anxiety of its woes. Where do we seek solace? Is it not in the loving arms of Jesus our creator and Lord?


 Arnost Vevoda  
 , Canada  Contact: [email protected]
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