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Life , as we know,
is not alway the grand vision
that we had sought as a child,
dreaming of the things to come.
Often we struggle daily,
just to keep on top of the waves..
I started in the ministry some years ago, the normal Church work. Youth groups, street ministry, then over seas for work in the fields as a missionary. After coming back to the States, I spent much time at my writing as well as daily work, from factories, construstion, landscaping... anything that would keep the bills paid.

Over the last few years I have been working more on my writings. I have always been in love with the book of Psalms and most of my poetry has it's base in that, as Psalms to the Lord Jesus. Plus many studies written down, news letters to missionaries. Mostly I have set my Psalms up for Email to others, that they might be blessed in sharing the word of God with others as well.

As most of my writing is stored on the computer, and I have made many copies in a CD format of Microsoft word-pad, complete with pictures, Icons, and clip-arts. I have yet to try selling it as a printed book, and have only printed one copy of the books done so far... and that for my mom.

I have several online sites where some of my writing can be seen But this is my first attempt to have it out as a marketable writing. If there are any of the works the Lord has given me that you feel may bless another, feel free to share them.

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 Ed Pennewell  Work phone: 541-347-4501
 1155 2nd St SE  
 Bandon, Oregon, USA, 97411  Contact: [email protected]
biography · favorite links · articles · contact me

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