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       Marina Rojas


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Christian Freelance Writer and Author Marina Rojas

A child of the 60s, Marina Rojas grew up in a family that was more crazy than dysfunctional, spending most of her time avoiding contact with other members of the same species at all costs. Reading her way through childhood, writing stories became a past time that allowed her to keep fond memories of times that were good and not so really great. All for prosperity and for the sake of being able to look back, laugh at it all and cheer I made it! in spite of it all.

Working currently as a freelance writer with a few publications available on Smashwords, Marina is also a featured blogger for the amazing Success and Failure website and is a brand new blogger at Retired after 28.5 years with the State of California Employment Development Department as a manager, Marina has written stories and worked as an editor for FaithWriters Magazine. A FaithWriters Challenge Winning short story called Will I Have the Right Shoes? was published in the Fall 2004 Edition of the FaithWriters Christian book Learning for Life. Marina also wrote local interest stories for the Press Enterprise newspaper in Riverside, CA, and is now reliving her childhood and tumultuous teen years in her stories.

Five Poems About God

Short Story
God is Into Instant Messaging


 Marina Rojas  

biography · articles · news · contact me


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