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Jacky Hughes is a seasoned writer who can write fact, fiction and poetry. She enjoys writing to the Christian audience but has experience writing in other genres
Jacky lives in Oxfordshire, UK. She has two adult children, a grandson, and a cat.

Her highest academic qualification is a Diploma in Education from Oxford Brookes University (2001) and she was a successful childcare tutor and course writer until 2012.

After publishing a CD of her poems in 2009 Jacky produced her first book of poems, “Firedance.”

Further books include “Not a Victim” and two more poetry books, “Multicultural Mix” and “Tears before Joy.”

While writing articles and product descriptions for companies she produced her testimony book, “Finding Jesus.” 

Other books include, ‘Notes for eBook Making,’ and “Move on from the Past.”

Her latest book is “Help for Single Christians.”

Jacky can write, edit, format and design book covers.

She was a licensed minister for Jabula Ministries International from 2005 to 2014 and is awaiting ordination as an Apostle after completing the 2108 Masterclass in Authentic Kingdom Culture.

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 Jacky Hughes  Work phone: 07577887551
 17 Meadow Way  
 Yarnton, Oxfordshire, OX5 1TA  Contact: [email protected]
biography · favorite links · accomplishments · contact me

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