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       Kenneth Pappas


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A retired pastor now enjoying my twilight years in Washington State and Arizona.

Born in Chicago, Ill. Went to St. George Elementary School. Enjoyed studies and athletic programs.
Moved to San Diego while entering High School. Was an average student. Played varsity tennis. Tennis was my life for around the next ten years. Was rated in the USA for 18 and under. Played tennis for the USAF and later at San Diego City College.
Met my wife Kaye and married after one year engagement. Her pastor led me to the Lord at the age of 25. Worked with young people for twelve years as Youth Director/Pastor. At this time I was a Journeyman Carpenter. We had two son's, Ken Jr. and Steve and now have two granddaughters, Arial and Hannah.
At age 38 went to Multnomah School of the Bible (now Multnomah University). After receiving a BS in Christian Education We pastored four churches of different denominations. We went into the rural church ministry, growing churches as the Lord led. Have evangelistic inclinations and love teaching God's Word.
Received a MA in Theology while in the ministry and was ordained in 1985. Have loved every bit of ministry work and with my wife and family have been very blessed by the Lord.
Retired now I enjoy writing and am pursuing that career.


 Kenneth Pappas  Work phone: 360-910-3001
 18000 SE 39th Street  Fax 360-896-2695
 Vancouver, Washington, 98683  Contact:

biography · favorite links · contact me


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