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Tonya Taylor loves to minister the Word of God with her husband, Clayton, and daughter, Victoria, through writing, music, and presentations. Her first book LEGACY: Crafting Your Child's Future With Words is available on the FW site. Her works in progress include an adventure series for 'tween girls, which she is writing with her daughter, who will also illustrate.
Tonja, has been writing and teaching the Word for over 35 years, and is thankful that, through the blessing of the LORD, she has entered a season where she can write and teach much more, to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

A Different Kind of Worship
How to Enjoy the Simplicity of Christ
Harvest International Ministries

Why God Must Be a Chol-Mel (humor)

Short Story
Water is a Living Thing (poem)

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33 Things a Righteous Woman Does

I continue to work on several books at once--which I used to think was weird--and it is nice "to have written"! Now, I'm focused on finishing many of those books!
I also have and am teaching children and adults all over the world online--from ESL to public speaking to creative writing, to math, and more! God is good, and He has planted many God-seeds through me into these many students!
I also have a contract teaching elementary children online, who are in California. They are sweethearts, and learning to read better every class!


 Tonja K. Taylor  Work phone: 870-571-5798
 , USA  Contact: [email protected]
biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me

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