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A day is 24 hours long. Six of these Iím sleeping. Nine are spent in my vocation as a professional cat herder and part-time nag (i.e. high school teacher). The remainder of time is used avoiding housework, blogging (, reading, and annoying the feline roommates by my mere existence.

Ten Interesting Facts About Yours Truly:

1. I was born in the hospital down the road from Gilleyís, the bar in Urban Cowboy (if you are not aware of Urban Cowboy Google it because you are missing out on some fine early John Travolta cinema). No, my parents did not frequent. And donít suggest they did because it might be offensive to them, which is their own fault for choosing to give birth to their children in Pasadena during the seventies.

2. I tell people have two personas: Karen and Miss Locklear. Both are rather complicated, moody, and difficult, while being flexible, kind, and insightful all at the same time but in different ways. Miss Locklear is bossier, bordering on domineering. Karen is far more sensitive. Both are pretty messy and generally likeable yet a little crazy.

3. I live with two cats: Penelope and Sadie. They would prefer I move out. But Iím not and thatís their problem.

4. I tend to curse when under stress. I would assume this is because I donít articulate or handle critical situations well, so itís expressed with four-letter words like ďbovine excrementĒ.

5. Oh, and another thing: Iím an evangelical Christian. Iíve decided not to apologize for that because I donít remember making anyone apologize for not being an evangelical Christian.

6. I have been on a diet for the better part of the last twenty years and have not as an adult ever been particularly satisfied with my body. I blame Christy Turlington. And cheesecake.

7. The sixteen-year-olds are fascinated by the fact Iím not married. Iím not sure exactly whatís up with that, but I think it might be a compliment.

8. I can enter an unfamiliar circumstance and within about ninety seconds have the scenario pretty much figured out. This is both a blessing and a curse.

9. I bruise easily. Literally and metaphorically.

10. My greatest fault is probably I walk around with only vague ambitions and no real plan. For anything. That Iím trying to change.

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