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Jim "JE" Newton, Author/Short Story Writer. Previous book "What Does Faith Look Like" 2014 Winner of the Virtue Christian Book Award for Short Stories.
I was born and raised in Oklahoma, the Great Plains, tornado alley, God's country.
My college years were spent at the University of Central Oklahoma with Majors in English and History.
I served in the U.S. Navy for four years and am a disabled Vietnam war veteran.
After seeing firsthand man's inhumanity to man in the war, I dedicated my writing to God and God alone. Secular writing bored me to tears. I am a risk-taker. What can be more exciting than our Lord? He has never disappointed me.
In 2015, What Does Faith Look Like, my first book, won the Virtue Christian Book Award for Short Stories. It finished ahead of some stiff competition.
It may seem peculiar to some, but I did not begin to seek publication until late in life. And then, only because a young Nigerian lady gifted me the publishing. I worked "laboravi enim." In other words, I did not charge for my writing for her mission work.
My latest work, Short in Height, Tall in Courage, the Story of God's African Special Forces Unit," was just completed and mailed to the agent. It is a Christian military suspense novel with the setting in South Sudan, North Africa, the newest and one of the most mysterious and dangerous countries on earth. At the same time, it is a Christian country filled with some of the most loving and devout peoples, Dinkas. The tallest average height of any tribe in Africa.
A group of powerful and devout Christian and Jewish men and women of all nationalities and races comes together to form a secret organization known as WCPN, the World Christian Peace Network. WCPN forms a quasi-military quick-strike unit to combat extremist militias killing and kidnapping Christians and Jews in northern Africa. The unit is small, consisting of only 21 men. Of these 21 men, most have had entire families massacred by those militia groups. The prerequisites for joining what came to be known as The Team were two things; devout and will do it all for God and God alone.
The Team selects a short little man. This little man, though short, is blessed with a tremendous spirituality. He becomes The Team's spiritual leader, and as Paul did for the Disciples, he bonds them together. His feats become legend just as The Team becomes a legend.
Men like these have not lived since ancient times. They fit into the mold of Moses, Joshua, and David. They are warriors for God that show extraordinary softness in their toughness. The Team keeps uppermost in their thinking bringing disciples to our Lord, even during battle.
My inspiration came from the gruesome killings and kidnappings around the world of Jews and Christians. These men are soldiers, but they are walking, loving examples of Jesus Christ at the same time. Some of them do not make it. Their motto is "For God, even to death."

Refueling Our Spiritual Tanks
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Refueling Our Spiritual Tanks

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The new novel, "Short in Height, Tall in Courage," was just completed February 8, 2022, and sent off to the agent.


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