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R Frederick Riddle is a Christian of over 40 years and a Christian writer for over 10 years. He has served the Lord in three different churches in a variety of areas.

During those 40 years he has served on a Mission Board/Joint Board, Sunday School secretary, Usher, Master Clubs Secretary and teacher, Sunday School teacher, and Financial Secretary.

Receiving Christ as Savior in 1973, he has a burden to get the gospel out and is an active soul winner. One of the goals of his writing career is to influence people for Christ.

His first book, Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles, came as a result of a Bible study. Every book since then has either been a Bible story or Christian world-view (Dead Eye Will).

His books include: Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles, Adam's Chronicles, Perished: The World That Was, and The Rise of Shem. The last two books are part of a series called The World That Was.

His latest work is Dead Eye Will, an eBook, that takes place during and after the War of 1812.

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Dead Eye Will is now being reviewed and is available for review. Simply contact author at and ask for review copy.

  • Authored 5 novels. The first two (Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles and Adam's Chronicles were basis of the epic Perished: The World That Was. The Rise of Shem was the sequel and 2nd book of the series The World That Was.
    Dead Eye Will is an eBook based in American history and is the beginning book of the series An American Hero.

  • Host of The R Frederick Riddle Show at and looks at news, events, and people from a Christian point of view.

 R Frederick Riddle  Work phone: 941-623-9452
 Port Charlotte, FLorida/USA, 33952  Contact:

biography · favorite links · news · accomplishments · contact me


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