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       Kathleen McAnear Smith


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Giving thanks to God for the rescue! As one of those people who aimed to change the world, Father God led me to that place where He changed me so that I can be of some use to His plan.

Born in Washington, DC to southern USA parents, life began as a cross-cultural experience. After graduating from Stetson University in my much loved state of Florida (Baptist College), I joined the Peace Corps. I had a missionary heart, but still with a political agenda for peace. For many years I have lived in the United Kingdom, raising a family, teaching school, founding a human relations consultancy for international families moving to London- and writing. Above all I love my family times and writing.When I get a chance, I am heading for Cuba!

My third book is about to be published, this time by Sovereign World in the UK.
Pleased beyond words to write the faith-building testimony of Jill Southern-Jones, director of Ellel Ministries Pierrepont.
The Miracles of Pierrepont by Jill Southern-Jones and Kathleen McAnear Smith is due to be launched in February 2015.

 Kathleen McAnear Smith  
 Farnham, Surrey, England  Contact:

biography · news · contact me


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