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I am from Columbus Ohio and grew up in Ohio. Mt. Vernon Nazarene College Graduate, Veteran of the US Army Military Intelligence, background in Social Services in the MRDD field.
My BA is in Psychology. I also have a background in intelligence work so I have a puzzling mind. I put those two things to work researching and writing. I also have a love of fantasy fiction and I have a Chrildren’s series, Singing Forest Chronicles I and II. I have written three other books that were research projects ; If the West Falls . . ., Silent Holocaust and Corona: the Global War on Civil Liberties and the Antichrist Agenda.

The Doppleganger: Brett Kavanaugh, Kristine Blasé- Ford and the


 Bridget S. Howe  
   Contact: [email protected]
biography · articles · accomplishments · contact me

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