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       Dee Kyalo


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Dee Kyalo, author, writer, poet and blogger with a passion!

Dee Kyalo is the author of Crushing Invisible Barriers and keeps a blog at Life: Not A Rehearsal. An editor of several books, Dee, pioneered her local church’s magazine and was its editor for four years. She has been managing its blog as well.

Having received God’s call upon her life in 1986, it was not until many years later when she became actively involved in ministry. Dee was rescued from death due to drug overdose in 1989, but spent years battling with the invisible forces of hindrance and delay through fear and depression until 1999 when she was miraculously delivered by God’s amazing grace. This has given her passion to see Christians liberated and experiencing the fulfillment of God’s promises in everyday life. With a growing insight into the unseen world and enduement of power for service, God is using her in simple yet very practical ways to change lives by shining God's light on the cunning works of evil that may seem normal to the unsuspecting.

Dee and her husband, Shem have been married for twelve years and are proud parents of two wonderful children. Together they serve in the leadership of All Nations Breakthrough Church, Kansas, where they make their home.

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Life: Not A Rehearsal
Dee Kyalo
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***MY NEW BOOK***"Crushing Invisible Barriers" is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, WestBow Press, Ebay, Books A Million, Indie Bound and ofcourse FaithWriters!

Meaningful relationships geared toward marriage seem harder to come by causing some people to think that they’re just unlucky with love. What happens when one finds themselves in the midst of unseen hindrances, moving in hopeless cycles and the dream of marriage eludes them?

Author Dee Kyalo, answers these questions and more in the book “Crushing Invisible Barriers: Onset of a Glorious Marital Destiny”. Dee will be in Lenexa, Kansas on Saturday, June 7th from 2pm, to sign copies of the book at Lenexa Community Center, located at 13420 Oaks Street, Lenexa, KS 66215.


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