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       Joe Baginski


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Joe Baginski is a multi-talented administrator, and gifted Bible teacher and writer approaching the last phase of his working life. He seeks to finish his career in ministry related activities, particularly as a writer, crafting words in such a way that they will count for something in eternity.

Personal History
Born in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1946, Joe was the third of five children. He was raised in California, married there in 1966 to his present wife Jennifer. They have two adult children, Sean who is married with four children, all residing in Anchorage and their daughter Tracie who has three children, living in Greencastle, PA. Joe is currently serving with Autumn Rain International in Hong Kong transporting Bibles throughout Asia to closed and restricted countries. Joe's wife Jennifer currently resides in Lincoln, CA, where she is a care giver to her parents who are in ill-health.

Ministry History
Joe was born into a Roman Catholic family and received Christ as savior at the age of 25 by reading the book “Cross and the Switchblade” In the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s he served as an assistant pastor at the Anchorage Baptist Temple (ABT). He was the primary church counselor during that time, and he was the Sunday School Superintendant which ministered to nearly 1,000 children every week. He also taught a “Singles” Sunday School class and was responsible for the Singles ministry while at ABT. In addition, Joe initiated a live-in ministry for homeless men in the Anchorage area. He assisted these men in their struggle with alcohol and addictions and guided them into their search for meaningful work and productive Christian living.

Since leaving the Anchorage Baptist Temple in the early 1990's Joe has continued to minister in his new home church, Sunrise Community Church in Fair Oaks, California. For the past twenty years Joe has taught the largest (average attendance 75) adult Sunday School class at Sunrise.

Work History
Joe has a varied work career beginning as a US Army commissioned officer and helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. He retired from his commercial aviation career in February 2013. In his last assignment Joe worked as an emergency medical services airplane pilot and served as a Company Instructor pilot for both ground and flight training. Joe has also worked as a management consultant and trainer, providing consulting services in Process Improvement, Change Management, and Team Building. He has conducted many needs analysis, designed and delivered training in process improvement at the corporate level of many large companies throughout the United States.

Joe also has an extensive background in human services and has worked as a psychotherapist and social work case manager for alcohol and drug addicted clients, abusive parents, and chronically disordered sex offenders and incarcerated youth.

He was at one time in his career a consultant to the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies and traveled extensively throughout Alaska providing information and seminars on the management of alcohol and addictions problems in rural Alaska villages.

M.S.W., California State University, Sacramento
B. A., Social Work, California State University, Sacramento

Currently moving Bibles into China and Vietnam from a base in Hong Kong. I am also assisting in the planning and execution of the Pan Africa Church Planting Movement Conference to be held in Kenya in September 2013.
I have just finished writing my first novel which deals with how I was healed from my Vietnam War PTSD. The working title is: Hanoi Redemption Full Circle and I am looking for a publisher.

 Joe Baginski  
 1242 Secret Lake Loop  
 Lincoln, California, 95648  Contact:

biography · news · contact me


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