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       Danny Lowe


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My name is Danny Lowe. I have been writing poetry, inspiration quotes, and short stories for about 5 years as a passion and hobby.

I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and I am a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, of Murfreesboro. I work for The City Of Murfreesboro, 16 years now. I am single again, and I do not children, accept my two lovable Labs, Cookie and Oreo.

Strength for the Moment Prayer Group
Christians United for Israel (CUFI)
Freedom Works

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    Gratitude overpowers doubt and worry
    Love comforts, inspires, and heals
    Peace abides in forgiveness
    Joy kindles from a smile
    Hope breathes and amasses in prayer
    Truth prevails from honesty
    Divine inspiration manifests purpose
    Dreams can and do come true
    Happiness radiates a glowing spirit
    Miracles take place around us everyday
    Faith nourishes assurance in prayer
    Spiritual growth is the fruit of our trials
    God as your Heavenly Father
    His Love is abiding and unconditional
    Christ the Child was born for you.

    Believe these with the trust and wonder of a
    childlike heart, and God's Blessings and Grace
    will abound in harmony within you forever.


    Copyright © December 13, 2006 Danny M. Lowe

  • Choices: Asking, Believing, and Receiving

    I choose to consciously appreciate all given unto me
    For I must be thankful for what I already have
    Before, I can feel spiritually connected to ask for more.
    I choose a heart of gratitude even for the smallest of things
    For the attitude of appreciation is a powerful vibration
    It attracts all that is good to positive thoughts and emotions.
    I choose to allow this energy to flow freely within
    For its power opens doors of opportunity
    Whereby, my Divine purpose continually unfolds before me.
    I choose to believe that I create my own reality
    I take responsibility for all my decisions and experiences
    Past; present; and future.
    I choose spiritual growth as fruit from my trials
    For I am being taught by the great master of our beautiful Universe
    He created all that is and all that ever will be. His name is God.
    I choose to believe that the feeling of Well-Being
    Is a gift from God to all that are spiritually aligned with Him
    My emotions either distance me, or guide me to prosperity.
    I choose, therefore, to consciously allow myself to bond
    With God's Universal stream of abundance
    As its energy gravitates toward me and flows through me.
    I choose to release denying and resistive thoughts
    And replace those emotions with the good feelings
    That restores my natural state of happiness.
    I now focus on my desires and ambitions
    With heart of passion, faith, and intention
    I center my needs in harmony with God
    I pray and ask Him for what I want
    I believe that my wishes will be fulfilled
    I prepare to receive all that I have asked for.
    I humbly kneel before my Heavenly Father
    With a heart of gratitude
    For it is given unto me.

    Copyright April 19, 2007 by Danny M. Lowe

  • Like A Child Believes

    The Christmas star of Peace
    Shines brightest on this night.
    A child of promise is born for you and me,
    God's gift of Love, a Savior, bearing new light.
    Consecrated for God's purposes,
    The miracle birth of Jesus,
    Calls us to a new beginning, He calls us all,
    To be born again, and be childlike in the spirit.
    God invites us, an invitation for all of us,
    To imagine ourselves being that miracle baby
    Lying in the manger, set apart for His purpose,
    And adopt a childlike faith in His plans for us.
    We hear God's whispering call,
    When we just believe, like a child believes,
    On Christmas Eve.

    Jesus lives for you, and for me.
    This day we honor Him and sing.
    Thou born in a manger, He's our King.
    Our Lord and Savior, we declare.
    The story of Christmas for all to share.
    When we just believe, like a child believes,
    On Christmas Eve.

    Humble little hearts full of love, trust and wonder,
    Where dreams manifest, soar, and ponder.
    Children looking up to God in Heaven,
    On their knees praying for direction.
    Hands together, folded, good and tight,
    Thanking God for Jesus, born this night.
    God's only son, saving us by Grace,
    So someday we will meet Him face to face,
    And thank Him for His Love, and say,
    "Happy Birthday Jesus",
    For You and I were born, this Christmas Day.

    Copyright © December 14, 2007 Danny M. Lowe

  • My Brother, My true Friend

    My Brother, my friend
    I am of sad heart today
    For you have left me,
    Suddenly, without goodbye.

    My Brother, my friend
    I prayed that you wouldn't go
    Hoping God would heal you,
    Give you strength to hold on.

    My Brother, my friend
    I tried not to believe that
    God might call you to Him,
    Because, then you'd be gone.

    My Brother, my friend
    I know that is selfish of me,
    Knowing, of your struggle,
    Of your pain, and worry.

    My Brother, my friend
    A part of me has left, also,
    That place where you resided,
    Knowing, I could count on you.

    My Brother, my friend
    I remember last seeing you,
    You were happy, I didníŽt know your pain,
    Because , you were one not to complain.

    My Brother, my friend
    The old restless light has faded,
    And a brighter, more peaceful light,
    Beacons you in your journey home.

    My Brother, my friend
    I will miss you, greatly, as many will
    Memories of our great times will never pass
    For they are cherished, held close in my heart.

    My Brother, my friend
    As your spirit and soul now rests in Heaven
    I comfort knowing you are free of pain and worry
    I will see you again, and we will walk togethe
    In the joyful peace of God's brightest light.
    My Brother, my true Friend.

    Copyright Danny Lowe, February 4, 2012

    God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.
    - 1 John 1:1

 Danny Lowe  Work phone: 615-895-5693
 2110 Memorial Blvd  
 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37129  Contact:

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