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Karen Maloy is an Emotional Wellness Coach who helps individuals transition from emotional brokenness to emotional health. A grandmother now, Karen started her coaching business in 2006 to help other women emerge from an overwhelming life of past hurts while still running a household, raising children, and involved in relationships.

Prior to starting her business, Karen spent over ten years as a spiritual mentor, life empowerment group leader and workshop trainer. Her target audiences are non-traditional learners and single women who want help overcoming internal negative messages and behaviors that hinder their relationships. She offers a step by step process for uncovering and resolving mental and emotional roadblocks. Today Karen offers a wide range of programs and services - from individual coaching, to seminars and keynote speeches.

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  • Books:
    Christian Dating: 20 Keys to Healthy Relationships (2012)
    Happy Monday! - Weekly Online Devotions (2002 - 2004)
    Blessed Room Online Magazine (2003)(Contributing Writer)
    Does It Pay To Obey? (2004)
    Are You Afraid of the Dark, Too? (2003)

  • Experience: I have conducted sessions for groups as well as individuals. Clients include Toastmasters International District #65; Liverpool Public Library; Liverpool Chamber of Commerce; Onondaga Community College (OCC); Christian Women's Job Corps (CWJC); Calhoun Community College - Emerging Scholars; A&M University; Oakwood College - CCED; and Women's Economic Development Council (WEDC). I am also Founder of Me-Vested Self-Empowerment groups which is committed to helping women build a better life by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem through building support networks.

  • Coaching Education:
    Ed.S. - Teaching and Learning
    M.S. - Adult Learning specializing in Workplace Learning and Staff Development
    B.A.. - Psychology

 Karen Maloy  Work phone: 315-657-3648
 Huntsville, AL, 35816  Contact:

favorite links · articles · accomplishments · contact me


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