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       Emilou Ilagan


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Owner, Kavod Publishing,
Copywriting, Marketing, & PR

Publishing God's Testimonies To The Nations

Author of Achieving God's Vision.

Kavod Publishing comprehensively provides solutions to all needs and requirements of Christian ministries, organizations, businesses, churches, pastors, authors, and ministers.

Emilou Ilagan is a Christian self-publisher, direct response copywriter, marketer, publicist, and creative writer.

Kavod began as a vision and was birthed in June 2013. From November 2004, Emilou has written down all the verses and promises God gave her about Publishing His Testimonies to the Nations.

Obediently, she began Kavod Publishing. This is the fulfillment of a calling, a purpose, destiny, design, and Godís intentions, His plans for Emilou and her life, impacting people of all nations, as individuals, groups, or societies. Kavod Christian business writes for eternity, leaving an inheritance for the next generations and generations thereafter, the ones that will read the writings in years to come.

She is also a contributing writer for, a new Christian mobile app with millions of readers daily and member of American Writers and Artists, Inc., a training center for copywriters.

I have a passion to love God above all else. It is my desire to worship Him and to serve Him for the rest of my life. He is my first love. In Him, I live and move and have my being. I am His child, His treasured possession and His ambassador to reach souls for His kingdom.

I want to minister to those who are sick, hurting, depressed, oppressed, hopeless and in need of Jesus Christ's healing and saving knowledge. I want to counsel, pray for, minister to and spend time with people who think their lives are messed up.

I love to sing, play bowling, minister to the sick and prisoners, interact with people, go camping/outdoor life, read books, teach kids, cook healthy dishes, eat blueberry cheesecake, yogurt swirls, feed birds in my veranda, teach old people how to use a laptop, buy cute dresses and everything organic.

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  • First Place Winner
    A Gift and The Gospel
    Angel Tree Writing Contest
    FaithWriters Blogging Contest #5
    December 2012

    Entry Posted on 100 Christian Blogs

 Emilou Ilagan  
   Fax Skype- emilou.ilagan
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biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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