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       Jeff Houdyshelt


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A love of Christ and writing have given me a new passion for life.

I am a retired police officer from Nashville, TN. Currently, I am a Graduate Counseling student at Liberty University. My hobbies include fishing, and scuba diving although it has been a while.

Furthermore, I collect old coins, do a little woodworking, read my bible, and of course write a little bit.

My faith comes from losing my career in 2004 due to a work related injury, undergoing 12 surgeries since 2002, and going through severe depression. I belong to several ministries at church, and I will begin counseling the children of those in prison.

You can view my work at several Christian websites including:

I also have a couple sites dedicated to my writing and views on issues effecting Christians.

God is truly amazing. I thank God every day for the opportunity to help spread his word.

Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers
Cleansing Stream Ministries
Pocket Testament League
Serve and Protect Ministry

Lord I Am Home

Other Article
Under Heat the Death of a Child

If you know about the Cleansing Stream Ministry, or would like to know more, go to the link I have listed. You can also catch them on FaceBook. You will see my Testimony posted there. God Bless.

  • Who's Who of College Students 2012
    Police Officer of the Month 2002 x 2
    Metro Nashville Police Officer

  • Eagle Scout 1981
    Middle Tennessee District

  • Officer of the Month 1995
    Davidson County Sheriff's Office

  • Army Commendation Medal
    Army Achievement Medal

 Jeff Houdyshelt  
 , TN, 37214  Contact:

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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