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       James Dick


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A retired businessman and former Army officer, I am beginning a second career based upon my favorite avocation, writing about things I love. These include nature, the many blessings of God, American history, and a dash of political thought. After years of business writing, I look forward to a more free style of writing from the heart and soul.

James Dick is a former Army combat officer and recently retired businessman who resides in North Florida on his small horse farm with his wife, Charyl. Living a peaceful rural life, he enjoys horses, studying nature and animal behavior, reading, writing, working out, and following political trends.

As a college student, James’ first published writing experience was gained as a part-time sports writer for a Virginia newspaper.

As a military officer, James was responsible for writing unit newsletters, award commendations, and all general correspondence for the commander. This required him to think fast and meet deadlines.

His varied civilian business background involved work in personnel management, environmental sales, consulting, and marketing. His writing included preparing career briefings, comprehensive personnel resumes, sales brochures and marketing materials.

In retirement, James is now enjoying the beginning of what he hopes to be a long remainder of his life writing stories and articles. He is in the early stages of creating his first book, a narrative about a very personal friend, a Great Dane.

James recently completed the Institute of Children’s Literature course of writing for children and teens and holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration degrees in Political Science and Environmental Administration, respectively.

He also was involved in Christian youth group and Sunday school teaching leadership for a period of about fifteen years. He currently attends a non-denominational Christian fellowship established for the horse and farm community.

Based upon his education and experience, James is particularly interested in writing about nature and the environment, including both domestic and wild animals, subjects of a good moral nature that teach sound Christian lifestyle lessons, nostalgia (particularly the 40s, 50s and 60s), and historical events and political issues promoting the American ideal.

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As a new writer, I currently have about sixteen stories out for review by various publications. Some are getting positive feedback, some not so much. Like anything else, perseverance is key. I have had two stories published or approved for publication by specialized websites. These are A Breath of Fresh Air (Christian Witness, late May 2012 issue) and The Goliath Story (Southwest Florida Great Dane Rescue Society, currently in final layout).

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biography · articles · news · contact me


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