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Are you or someone you know trapped in a painful toxic relationship? Have you looked for faith-based resources and couldn't find what you needed? I have spent years in several toxic relationships. I couldn't find the help I needed - and I knew I needed God. After I fled the last relationship, I promised myself that I would help other ladies find true freedom and hope and joy that can only come through Jesus Christ.

In, I tell my story, revealing how I rose above painful circumstances to find grace, hope and true happiness, and become the mother and woman I knew I was capable of.

I believe God led me through many dark years of abuse so that I can use my story to help women step out of their own abusive situations and become the women God has called them to be.

For those of you who need hope and don’t know where to find it, my story will inspire and encourage you.

I offer a faith-based perspective for Christian women in painful toxic relationships:

• Answering troubling questions about submission, divorce, and other hurdles a Christian woman will encounter.

• Personal insight and strategies for deciding if and when to leave a dangerous relationship.

• Includes helpful links and resources.

Short Story
A Bug's Life

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Are You in a Toxic Relationship?

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biography · articles · contact me


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