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       Rev Larry Anderson


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Evangelist, Bible teacher, Writer, Patriot and Disabled Veteran (Now “Retired”).

I hold a degree in Bible-Ministerial Studies and was ordained some years ago as pastor-evangelist.

I have of course continued my serious study of God’s Word and as well, some limited efforts in ‘ministry’! These have changed direction recently, toward putting together some teaching and evangelistic work, online! (About 75% of my time I am 'shut-in'), yet my heart’s desire is be used of the Lord: (1) To bring the lost and unregenerate to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus..! (2) To bring about an ever-increasing hunger in the hearts of believers, that they might walk in consistent victory and experience the ‘abundant life’ that Jesus promised! (John 10:10)

I rely heavily upon my writing and for as long as I have breath, my "mission" will be in finding ways to “give back" some of what I’ve been so freely given! Before God, I take seriously the Calling and the exhortation to
"...earnestly contend for the Faith which was once delivered unto the Saints" (Jude vs 3b KJV).
I can do no less… for Jesus is everything to me!!

 Rev Larry Anderson  
 Altoona, Wisconsin, 54720  Contact:

biography · contact me


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